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Lapping/Polishing Machine Tooling

Work holder Discs and Pads

Work holder Discs are used to separate fragile workpieces during lapping and polishing operations to prevent damage. They are also used when work pieces do not lend themselves to batch loading. The discs are made of a laminated phenolic and are available from 1/32" to 1" thick and in diameters of 4-3/16" through 35-3/4". Pads are available in sponge rubber or felt material and are used to compensate for minimal height differential in the parts being lapped.

Dual Face Machine Work Carriers

Lapmaster Wolters offers work carriers for virtually any dual faced machine currently on the market. Stock materials include spring steel (strongest, most durable; for thin, precision components), steel with molded plastic inserts (for use in lapping and polishing silicon wafers and other sensitive electronic materials), G-10 (fiberglass reinforced, non corroding and non-water absorbing - ideal for thicker parts), PVC (for use with relatively thick parts), lexan (for scratch-free fine polishing applications), vinyl (most economical for short runs), and phenolic (resin-laminated cloth, for use with oil-based slurries). Workholes can be custom cut to suit any part geometry.


Diamond Stop Fixtures

Lapmaster Diamond Fixtures and Stops are used to control size and parallelism on very thin, fragile parts. Recommended when part thickness is .010" or less. These fixtures are available in both wax mount and vacuum applications and in sizes to fit Lapmaster's machine models 12 through 36.

Accupol Precision Lapping/Polishing Fixtures

Lapmaster Accupol Precision Lapping/Polishing Fixture is used for very thin, fragile parts where diamond stops are not practical. Adjustable spring tension allows for variable down pressure on the workpiece. An LCD indicator allows for continuous monitoring of stock removal. The Accupol fixture also features vacuum mounting chucks for various component sizes and shapes. The Accupol is available in sizes to fit Lapmaster machine models 12, 15, and 20.

Lapping and Polishing Plates

Lapmaster Wolters offers a variety of lapping and polishing plates for almost any application. Some examples include:


  • Cast Iron - General Engineering
  • Hardened Steel - Rough Lapping
  • Ceramic - Ceramic and Other Hard Materials
  • Glass - Electro-Optic Materials
  • Aluminum/Stainless Steel - Pad Polishing
  • Natural Metal (Copper, Tin/Antimony, etc.) - Diamond Polishing

Contact Lapmaster Wolters for further information regarding the appropriate lapping/polishing plates for your specific application.

Conditioning Rings

Lapmaster Conditioning Rings are specially designed to correspond with the various lap plates mentioned previously. These rings serve a dual purpose; they are used primarily for retaining parts during processing and at the same time maintain lap plate flatness. Some examples include:

  • Cast Iron - General Engineering
  • Hardened Steel - For use with hardened steel plates
  • Ceramic - Polishing applications
  • Micarta - Polishing applications
  • Polycarbonate - Polishing applications
Contact Lapmaster for further information regarding the appropriate conditioning ring material for use with your specific application.